Rajasthani Miniature Workshop (Part 1)

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Part 1 of this Rajasthani miniature workshop takes you from the absolute basics of the art form, starting from its history, various schools, how it evolved, historical references, and finally the tools of the trade needed to learn this amazing art form.

As the workshop proceeds you learn many small techniques in forms of drawing exercises to improve your strokes and sketching, natural forms, architectural elements, color palettes and much more. While learning you create an art piece in almost every class. The nuances of this fine painting technique are not so easy and require practice done in the right way. That is exactly what you learn in Part 1. (Part 2 of this workshop teaches step-by-step how to make a complete elaborate Bani-Thani Painting)

This workshop (just like all my other workshops) is a unique and rare opportunity to learn at a self driven pace - content that is so precious and well preserved.

My teaching technique is rare and has developed over the years with thorough research and passion of Indian Folk arts. I teach in a way that even a complete beginner is able to learn and practice the art. Sharing this knowledge brings me immense joy and gratification that the art forms are going to live beyond us!!

The list of supplies will be emailed to you after you have purchased the workshop. This workshop does not require any material shipped from my end. The videos will be emailed to you with instructions and more details. Please buy the workshop first and get in touch at pragatisharmaartist@gmail.com to proceed.

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